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week 3 - sunday / jay + kaito

[Yukina is a little shell-shocked by the execution, still - she'd known it was going to be bad, but she hadn't realized it was going to be that bad. And while she's deeply concerned about Jake, there are also things she needs to tell Jay and Kaito - and something she needs to get their opinions on.

So, although they'd resolved to spend less time together in public, she asks each of them to meet her that day. Once they're there, she bites her lip.]

...thank you for meeting me. Um, this is about...

[What's the proper word for it, she wonders?]

I'll get right to it. There's a group of people working together... not the Prophets. And they've invited me to join them.
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[it's hard not to still be affected by that execution. it certainly was the worst one so far. . . and Jake, poor freakin' Jake, having to deal with it. . .]

[but Kaito pushes those thoughts from his mind when Yukina speaks, and he sits up immediately]

Is Andersen a part of this group?
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[ jay also sits up as soon as yukina speaks. he had been pretty quiet, after mira's execution. jay is pretty fond of jake at this point, so watching him be forced to do something like that was... difficult.

but yukina's news seems to... cheer him up, almost? or at least, he finds it amusing. ]

And do they think Kaito and I are Prophets?

[ he asks it as if he finds it hilarious, mostly since neither of them were invited. ]
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. . .

[laughs, ducking his head as he does so]

Lemme guess. The "leader" is Perc, right?

[he lifts his head and grins, although it doesn't quite reach his eyes. he seems more wry than anything]

Good. It's nice to be able to pin more roles to some new faces. Thanks for the update, Yukina.
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But I'm gonna throttle Kurusu for allowing me to believe he was the god damn Medium for so long.