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week 4 - monday / jay + kaiba + kaito + light

[Toward the tail end of their usual weekly meeting, Yukina's expression becomes somewhat more serious, and instead of splitting up for them all to go their separate ways, she reaches for both Light's and Kaiba's sleeves to keep them from walking away.]

...there's something else we should talk about. Something important. And... there are some people I'd like to... re-introduce you to. Will you please come with me?

[Assuming they don't just, like, stab her and run or something, she leads them back into the hotel - to room 112. She doesn't have to knock - she pulls a key out from her jacket pocket and unlocks the door herself.

Inside, Kaito and Jay are are waiting.]

Kaito-san, Jay-san, I brought them.
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[Kaito sits on the edge of his bed, flipping a playing card in his good hand. the room is decorated garishly-- drawings of comics on the walls, red pens scattered across the ground, dancing lumberjacks resting on ever flat surface. there are also origami animals (cranes, mostly!) scattered around various places. a framed picture of a cat sitting on a copy machine hangs on the wall, too]


[it's charming??]


[Kaito greets Light and Kaiba cheerfully, and the card in his hand disappears]

Hope you didn't have any exciting evening plans tonight.
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[ that's aimed at kaito. jay looks towards the three who just entered the room, but his focus is obviously on kaiba and light. he's seated on the pullout couch, holding an ice pack to his left arm for whatever reason. ]

Try not to track dirt in.
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[ He kind of already guesses that Kaito is one of the people when they stop outside Room 112. Jay isn't someone that he's expecting, but Seto can't say that he has any adverse feelings towards Jay, for the most part.

His posture may or may not be slightly more relaxed once he realises that. ]

Fortunately, none.

[ There's a bit of dry, sarcastic humour in there, but for the most part, Seto takes everything (this meeting, the people in this meeting, even the messy room) in his stride, crossing the threshold. He opts to lean against a wall instead.

There'll be a raised brow directed at Jay regarding his arm, though. ]
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[Light enters the room with a relatively serious expression. Like Kaiba, he's taking every detail in as soon as he sees it, but his eyes are quick to settle on the people here first and foremost. Kaitou and Jay. He frowns, but not due to disapproval, per se. His mind is parsing through all the reasons why he's here, why Yukina would have brought both of them for a "re-introduction".

If he comes to a conclusion, he doesn't say it just yet. He'd cross his arms, but the stupid night terror teeth on them give him second thought; instead, his body posture remains straight as he stands near where Kaiba is leaning, and says:]

What's this about?
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[the lightheartedness vanishes from Kaito's demeanor as well, his expression hardening into something more serious]

We're a specialized rebellion against this game, hand picked by and bound by blood oath to Craftly. [suddenly it probably makes sense why none of them wanted to kill Craftly at the trial huh] We've been given the tools and knowledge to end it before there are three survivors remaining.

. . . Mira was only one of three facilitators. Kaiba, you were right to call them Prophets. If all three Prophets are found and slain, then this ritual will come to an end.
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Unfortunately, there is now a very real chance that our identities have been compromised, so don't be too surprised if you see our bodies pop up on Friday in the next few weeks.

[ he says it fairly casually, like getting horribly murdered isn't the worst thing to happen to you. ]

Which is why we're reaching out to you. We need a backup, but we still don't know who the third Prophet is, so at the moment we're comfortable with just outing ourselves to the two of you instead of the group at large. But I'm sure the two of you have a lot of questions to ask of us now knock yourselves out.

[ he does a "go on" motion, signaling them to ask away. ]
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[ Well.

This, he's not expecting at all, in the slightest. Truthfully, he would have guessed that they were in an alliance of some sort already, given their willingness to protect each other at the trial, but for them to actively be a faction working to stop this ritual, and to work with Craftly of all people....

He's going to take a moment to mull over this.

When he's done digesting all these information, his expression is carefully neutral. ]

I assume you know who the second Prophet is and that you have a plan for dealing with them directly as soon as possible.

[ because he's got a vested interest???? in making sure he doesn't end up as being a ritual sacrifice? Fuck all this Supernatural Bullshit. It also may or may not be an indication from Seto himself that he's willing to work together with them for this purpose alone. ]
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[Well. This is a development. Like Kaiba, Light had thought there may have been an alliance between them, as well, but-- a "specialized rebellion"?

While Kaiba speaks, Light's mind is running a mile a minute. This is... preferable, to find himself aligning with these people properly. He can feel less like a cog in the machine, and instead perhaps utilize his abilities with a more sharpened purpose.

Kaiba wants to get straight to business, though. Light has questions in the meanwhile, his expression difficult to read.]

Hold on. [SLOW YOUR ROLL KAIBA] There's a lot to parse here. I have more than a few questions.

[But he'll start simply enough.]

Firstly, is it as simple as that? Three Prophets slain, by anyone's hand, and the game ends? And how do you know for sure the two of us aren't perpetuating things? [A pointed glance at the three of them. They sound very confident about this.] Do you have a way of knowing?
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[he nods at Yukina, silently echoing her words]

That's how we know you two aren't Prophets, because we've already checked you. And we also know both of your roles, by the way.

[he shoots Light a very pointed look that kind of says, "I know what you did, buster."]

[he glances over at Kaiba next]

. . . as for the second Prophet. We found him earlier today, with Craftly's assistance.

It's Girge Albatross.
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We're planning on talking to him later this week. Yes, we are aware of the risks involving that, but we need questions answered and we're fairly certain that the only way we'll get those answers is if we confront him in a non-hostile setting. After that, he'll know our identities, and will most likely tell the other Prophet.

[ he gestures between the three hunters. ]

We did the math, and if they decide to target us this week, then Yukina at the very least will survive it due to her role. Unfortunately, we cannot attack the Prophets the same week we confirm one. So we either have to wait until next Thursday night to kill Girge, or we get him executed this weekend.
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[ On a certain level, it makes sense. It's a simplistic enough explanation - kill off the three people who are enabling this farce of a ritual to take place, stop the entire proceedings in their tracks.

The discovery of the forty-one freezers in the disposal room is something that throws just a little bit more doubt on this theory, but this is something that they can puzzle out later. For Seto, the most important consideration is that they can stop this whole thing from happening.

He's not surprised that they've checked out his role, already, and while it'll manifest as a slightly displeased scowl on his features, there'll be relief in the slight set of his shoulders beneath his coat - only because he doesn't have to consciously act like he's affected by the night terrors and all its associated effects. ]

I see.

[ Girge Albatross. Seto's spoken to him, once, and he doesn't seem like a Prophet. But then again, Mira had been in a class all of her own, and it make sense, as well, that the other Prophets would be less... flashy, the type to fly under the radar rather than outright declaring that they were working towards this ritual.

Mira was the one who outed the ritual to the whole group at large, after all.

Jay's reasoning is what catches his attention, actually. It's a dangerous gamble, and while he doesn't agree with it, he can at least see the merits of that plan of approach. ]

Which is why you're looking to enlist outside help. Correct me if I'm wrong, but while the Hunters cannot attack the Prophets the same week you confirm one, the rules have no stipulations about other Sacrifices-- [ Here he's going to make a face because he still despises this word with a passion ] --taking things into their own hands and killing them before the week is out.

Even if Girge Albatross is not executed this weekend-- [ Here there's a twist of his lips into something akin to a vindictive smirk ] --any other murders happening over the course of this weekend are exempt from trial, or execution. Amnesty for vigilante justice.

That, of course, is dependent on whether you can find the last Prophet even without... assistance.
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[The revelation of his role being outed -- perhaps even earlier than he had believed it to be -- has Light's frown deepening. It's a nick at his pride, especially with Kaitou's pointed look, but at this rate he shouldn't be surprised. The feeling of being indignant threatens to rise, but he pushes it back down, easily done with practice.

He lets Kaiba say his piece. And while the other is quick to jump on board the idea of vigilante justice, and doling out murder as a way to circumvent certain restrictions, Light still has questions. God, Kaiba. Learn 2 chill.

His tone is terse.]

That's a possibility. So is waiting until next week, when Girge will be more susceptible to violence and, as a result, murder.

[It's telling that Light doesn't seem to be surprised upon hearing the revelation that Girge is the second Prophet. It's also telling that he's fairly certain that Girge being more susceptible to danger is a sure thing, given his role.]

Why do you feel the need to confront him? If you're already so sure of his role as Prophet, wouldn't it make more sense to keep your heads low for now and wait until next week to kill him?

[(It's also telling how quickly Light is ready to adopt the whole idea of murder in the vein of "hunting", too, and a bit clinically at that.)]

Or are you hoping to get information about the third Prophet? And if so, do you think this is worth risking your lives over during this week specifically? [Couldn't it wait?]
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Yukina says it best, honestly.

[he chimes in once she's finished]

Craftly hinted that these Prophets were given some kind of special powers in exchange for their contract. They are, after all, "soulless beasts" and "those who speak the words of monsters."

There's no guarantee that any of us would survive an encounter with them unless we knew they were made vulnerable. And since that only occurs on Thursday nights, that'd leave us susceptible to a trial.

And we can't convict an innocent person for a death we know we perpetrated ourselves.
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If we have to deviate from this plan, then we will, but for now it's like they said. And during the trial, we shouldn't make it too obvious that we're aiming for Girge. It'll be too suspicious, and there's always the chance that a non-Prophet might have committed a murder as well, just like Kamui did. If the evidence blatantly points at someone other than Girge, it won't be sense for us to try to pin it on him.

[ he looks at kaiba and light. ]

Especially if doing so might make them suspicious of you. The three of us have already made it somewhat obvious that we're in some form of alliance, but I highly doubt the Prophets would expect us to go to others for help.
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[ He can understand the benefit in being cautious, in hedging their bets - he can see the merits in this thrown together plan (which he has to give them credit for, considering that it's a reasonably put together plan for a haphazardly created alliance that is barely a month old) and the merits in waiting to suss out the Third Prophet before taking both of them out in one fell swoop.

But they don't have time to suss out the Third Prophet unless Girge is forthcoming about the identity of his co-conspirator, but he doubts that's the case. Girge does not seem like the type. He'd been evasive, even when Seto had spoken to him about the differences in weapon technologies in their home worlds. Picking out the Third Prophet from a pool of, what is it, 25 other survivors? Those aren't fantastic odds unless the Hunters have intense luck on their side.

He supposes it's better than nothing, even if he can't take things into his hands. He's only managed to live by throwing himself at everything. Doing things by halves just isn't in his nature.

This is just another game. Another gamble. It's much easier to predict the moves of the opponent when he thinks of it as a game.

Just that the stakes are different now, and he has an incentive to throw his lot in with Yukina, Jay and Kaito.

He's the wildcard in this scenario.

It's followed by a thoughtful noise. He hates that the instinctive train of thought comes so easily, but. He's been on the opposite end of this situation before. ]

Act under the assumption that they would expect you to approach others for help, especially those who you may be particularly close to. Your roommates, for instance.

[ He folds his arms, closes his eyes for a moment, mulls over the information. ]

If I were one of them, I would eliminate your apparent allies first, or eliminate those whose roles would be useful.

To use a chess metaphor, the three of you are the kings. Eliminate the rooks, bishops and knights, the queen--

[ A smirk. ]

Leave you open for checkmate.

If they're anything like Mira, they will want to gloat. Corner you into a place where you can't fight back, leave you with the guilt that you've failed to save everyone else before they eliminate you.

[ The smirk fades, to be replaced with a soft frown. ]

Girge Albatross does not seem the type of person to have responded to your notes on the bulletin board-- [ BECAUSE THAT WAS OBVIOUS TO FIGURE OUT ONCE THEY OUTED THEMSELVES AS THE HUNTERS, SERIOUSLY. ] --so it's safe to assume that it was the Third Prophet who wrote those... uselessly dramatic replies.
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[Light looks like he wants to say something so badly. He's going over something that Kaitou had said, turning it around and around in his head, trying to let it nestle comfortably within him, but with little success.

And we can't convict an innocent person for a death we know we perpetrated ourselves.

Foolish. This was indeed a game that ran on time, and the longer the wait, the higher the risk. Sometimes, it's simply a matter of numbers; that someone else should sacrifice themselves for the sake of the group was just a reality in a situation like this. This game of murder would end faster, more efficiently, if they were just willing to compromise this one little detail.]

This makes things more... difficult. [He brings up a hand to pinch at the bridge of his nose. The means versus the end result -- weighing the two (in Light's slightly biased manner), the end result almost always takes priority.

But just look at this group. Kaiba might agree with him, but he has a feeling the other three will not. Perhaps he should keep this opinion to himself, unless things really become pear-shaped. He's still trying his best to play the part of amicable, helpful Light Yagami.]
I understand the want to be rid of both Prophets at once, but the longer they're able to work together, the more dangerous it is for us. So I hope you're able to speak very convincingly to Girge when the time comes.

[He exhales, thinking.]

I want to help in any way possible, of course. Even if it does end up falling just on our shoulders, I'm willing to carry that burden. However, I would feel more comfortable knowing everyone roles if we're to work together so closely. It's only fair; you all already know mine...

[Well. Except for you, Kaiba, though he may have been able to guess by now via this discussion.] the Teacher.
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[Yukina once again says everything Kaito wants to, even as his gaze levels on Light at the Teacher reveal. going about this slowly, but smartly, may be riskier than killing the Prophets outright. . . but it's the choice the Hunters have made. and they're glad their allies seem to understand that]

[Kaito hesitates at revealing his role-- after all Yukina and Jay were the only two living people who knew it. Dave knew, too, but he was dead now. so it didn't make a difference]

I'm the Gangster.

[he eventually says with a deep exhale. a handgun suddenly materializes at his side, visible to all]

My weapon is the only weapon I know of that can kill a Prophet without fail.
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My role is less impressive than theirs, I'm afraid. [ he just shrugs. ] I'm the Explorer.

[ his item does not appear, but it's also shoved in his pocket and he makes no move to take it out unless they specifically ask for it. ]

You should be glad that we were the ones who decided to investigate the library instead of someone else. I'm pretty sure no one else would have been able to take down Fluffy.

[ honestly that venture still feels like a failure but jay can't bring himself to regret it because of that one fact. ]

Yukina's right though. There are plenty of alliances going around at the moment, so the idea that Yukina, Kaito, and I are in one wouldn't really stand out when you think of it that way. It's probably the reason why the other groups don't suspect us that much.
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And I'm the Psychologist, but you were already aware of that.

[ And they've come full circle, with the weight of their revelations out in the open. They might actually stand a fighting chance, if they can work together.

He glances towards Kaito's handgun: ]
I'm assuming that you know how to use that, but if you need pointers, I'm... fairly proficient. [ No point in hiding that anymore, considering that at least three people, two of them in this room, have seen him unload rounds of blanks at the firing range in the hunting lodge into the practice dummies. He will at least offer that small amount of assistance if it means that Kaito can safely eliminate the remaining Prophets. ]

...... Fluffy?

[ he hasn't been to the library yet so he... also has not seen the giant monster corpse, you're welcome. ]

Perhaps, but... regardless, there are still targets painted on your backs-- [ on all their backs, he wouldn't be surprised, honestly. ] --thanks to the events of the last trial. If I was able to figure out from those proceedings alone that you three were in some sort of alliance, suffice to say that others will begin to suspect that it's not merely a superficial alliance.

[ you know, like, not just for convenience's sake. ]
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[The Paranoid, the Gangster, the Explorer, and the Psychologist. What a conglomeration, he thinks to himself. Individually, their roles were useful, but working together? Even more so. The Prophets may not expect a group of five working in tandem, and it’s this thought that he expounds upon, not echoing Kaiba’s question about “Fluffy” for the sake of avoiding redundancy.

A glance at Kaitou (his gun, especially), then Jay and Yukina.]

And while what Kaiba is saying is correct, it’s also incredibly difficult to shake suspicion once it’s thrown onto you. [He would know. He has a lot of experience in being suspected of certain crimes that he did commit — but that’s neither here nor there.] I’m not saying that you should act recklessly because of it, but being overly cautious — and therefore only reactionary — might prove more detrimental in the long run, especially if someone is actively gunning for anyone in this group specifically.

For instance, as the Teacher, I assume you want me to keep Girge… incapacitated each week until we can locate the third Prophet? If they have even half a brain, it won’t take long to figure out that you all have expanded your ranks.
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[ if girge is anything like mira, jay has a hard time believing he'd switch sides. they did, apparently, come here willingly. it'd be one thing if this role was thrust upon them and they were forced to accept it, but knowing that it's completely consensual doesn't really give jay high hopes.

still. maybe they can at least convince him to delay going after them immediately. any extra time they have will be useful. ]

The bright side is that we know more roles than not. [ they've been busy socializing. ] The popular theory amongst everyone is that the Soldier was working with Mira, so at the moment they're most likely to be our third Prophet.

[ he pauses. ]

Actually, if you could tell us all of the roles the two of you know, that would be helpful in case you have gotten a few that we don't already have.
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[straightens a little bit and nods]

Yeah. From this point forward we'll wanna focus our efforts checking those people whose roles we don't know. That list is pretty small, so we've gotta find the Soldier eventually.
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[ ... He's not going to be very helpful there, to be honest, mostly because he hasn't made very much of an attempt to be social. ]

Only educated guesses, I'm afraid. I'll admit finding out roles wasn't my... main priority, previously.

[ ... more like just. trying not to get killed. ]
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[Light also won't be terribly helpful on this front, either.]

I won't be able to help you there. I've been playing it cautiously when it comes to unearthing roles -- people expect information to be reciprocal, and I wasn't comfortable letting others know I was the Teacher. I'm sure I don't have to explain why.

[He shifts his weight to the other foot.]

But if you could share this information, concerning what roles you know and which we still need to figure out, the two of us can make this our focus in the interim.
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[Kaito gives a nod to Yukina, before he also glances at Jay. just to make sure he's in board with revealing said roles]

[also he has a list]
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[ why am i third in this comment chain i have to do the list now goddamn.

he counts them off with his fingers. ]

We're missing the Beautician, Bomber, Cop, Copycat, Entertainer, Fashionista, Mayor, Medium, Mortician, Reporter, Scientist, Soldier, Technician, and Woodsman. I think the Bomber, Copycat, Mayor, Medium, and Soldier are the priorities to figure out. I'm almost positive that the Copycat now has the Convict's role, so it'll be nice to know who's running around opening doors. We can control the votes better if we knew who the Mayor was. Everyone else should be obvious as to why we need to find them, but I think we're more likely to locate those final three by our way of checking than asking around.
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grimacing. ]

Unfortunately, none of those roles are the ones I know the identities of.
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[protecting people requires light to give two flying fucks about everyone else around him... this is unfortunately is very rarely ever the case.

also sorry for him wanting to know all the details ever]

I see. And the roles that you do know, and the individuals associated with them...?
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Yeah. I'm hesitant to break the trust I've forged with some of the people here, since I've been using them for information gathering in order to flush out the Prophets. I can't lose those contacts now.

But-- [he nods at Yukina again] I think it's okay for us to tell them whose roles we know, even if we don't say what their roles are.
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In that case... we know the roles of Dipper, Chie, Andersen, Hajime, Percival, Dirk, Jake, Quer, Akira, Heather, and Nagasone.

[ why does jay keep having to do the lists. ]
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[ Because you happen to be the last detective in the posting order, Jay.

Also your newbie detectives are useless and Kaiba isn't even actually a detective?? ]

That at least gives us an idea of whose roles we don't know. Those we can at least start asking about.

[ He shifts. ] You say that your secondary roles allow you to see a person's alignment and role. Girge Albatross's name isn't among those you listed.
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[Light can't help but click his tongue.]

Very well. Though I thought it was only fair to ask, given that you expected the same information from us in return.

[JUST SAYIN.... but he commits the names to memory anyhow.

Also Kaiba'a question was what he wanted to ask next, but it seems like the man beat him to it.]