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week 4 - wednesday / girge + jay + kaito

[The gardens are peaceful. Peaceful enough that Yukina is slightly more at ease than she could be - though that's not to say she's totally comfortable with this. Still, this is a conversation they all need to have, and so she enters the gardens with Kaito and Jay, looking for a specific person.]


[And there he is. She takes a breath and looks him directly in the eye, once she's gotten his attention.]

I was hoping we could talk.
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[Girge's sitting among the plants, his expression unreadable—he's never exactly been an emotional person, after all.

When Yukina approaches, he looks up. After a moment of dawning realization, he smiles.]

Oh. My guesses about your identities were right. How boring.
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[ a part of him still thinks they should have just sent one person instead of all, but oh well. they made their choice. ]

You weren't very difficult to figure out either, you know. [ he gestures between them. ] Which one of us are you going to choose to get rid of first? I'm curious.
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[. . . JAY]

[JAY. . .]


[I mean yeah, a fair question, BUT STILL??}

. . . why's that the first thing outta your mouth, Ponytail?
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I wasn't especially trying to hide it.

[He shrugs.]

Coincidentally, your name has come up often as a potential target, Yukina. Not by my suggestion, though.

[He's actually hoping, somewhat, that she'll make it to the end, though perhaps that decision isn't his.

He won't say as much, either way.]

I haven't thought about it. Frankly, I'm fairly certain you've spent far more time thinking about us than we've spent thinking about you.
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[ he glances at yukina at that, but his attention returns to girge pretty quickly. ]

Given that we've known about you longer, that's not surprising. Although I do supposed we should say thank you for your hints.

[ the notes, he means. ]
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[his gaze flickers to Jay's arms, then back to Girge again. he holds up his good hand, palm facing forward. no weapons]

That's why we're here, actually. We want to talk, and I promise you that's it.

We have a lot of questions, and Craftly can't-- or won't-- answer them all.
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[He laughs quietly. If he's at all concerned over this confrontation, it certainly doesn't seem like it.]

Ah, I was wondering if you caught those, or if your self-righteousness would blind you.

[Yukina's words, though, cause his expression to fade into something neutral.]

... As I've said before, there's nothing you need to understand about me. As your reward for having the guts to reveal yourselves like this, I'm willing to be more cooperative than Mira was, but don't get me wrong: I'm still a horrible person, and the Prophets are very much the villains here.
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We know. [ i'm sorry he's blunt ] I'm sure you have your reasons for doing this, Girge. And even when we end up asking you to tell us them, we probably will still fail to understand why you chose to do this.

[ maybe. maybe not. ]

Actually, did you come here willingly? Like Mira said she did?
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[ha. he snorts]

And for what it's worth, I don't really think of ourselves as "heroes" to your "villain."

[just. . . the only three people in the whole of this city who have the knowledge and ability to end this game before everyone is head]

[he doesn't ask another question, allowing Girge to answer Jay's first]
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Did I sell my soul in return for a reward? Yes. Do you need to know what it is? Hardly. It's irrelevant to your goals here. Rest assured that unlike Mira's, they don't involve mutilating corpses.

[In other words, his incentives are among the answers he's not willing to give.]

From what I recall, Mira lied about very little in her confession—aside from working alone, of course, and even then, she was telling the truth about being solely responsible for that week's events.

[Three can keep a secret if two are dead, but three can also keep a secret if two don't know the details, including the part where one stabs herself like the most extra murderer ever.]
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[ that was, indeed, very extra.

his expression changes at that. he looks thoughtful. ]

Did neither of you exit your rooms at all during that then?
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Well, I wasn't monitoring anyone else's actions, but not to my recollection or knowledge. After all, the point was that if we didn't know, we wouldn't have to lie, so it'd have been rather unfortunate if we'd caught Mira in the act.
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[exhanges glances with Jay and Yukina, a frown tugging down the corners of his mouth]

We know someone left the Dark Room and ran down the hallway at 7:55 a.m. We know they entered another room after that, but we don't know which one.

[he doesn't explain how he knows that; in his mind, that information is irrelevant]

[he swiftly changes the subject]

Why did Mira try to get Craftly executed?
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Oh, that?

[An amused sound escapes from him.]

Mostly curiosity, probably. She didn't actually know what would happen, though we do now.

Honestly, though, you can most likely assume any given action of ours was done on a whim. None of us are really the diabolical mastermind type.
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Nice try, but it's not exactly fair to the final Prophet if I confirm anything related to them, is it?
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Point taken.

[ yeah, jay can't fault him for not answering that. if the situation was reversed and it was one hunter versus three prophets, they'd say the same thing. ]

What's her end goal? Regarding the ritual, I mean.

[ "her" being mother ]
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[yeup, Kaito also isn't surprised by Girge's lack of a response. and he'll respect it, too. they have other things to ask about, anyway]

And why did you tell us we had more to fear from ourselves than you?
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I don't think she's very picky. So far as I know, this is all for her entertainment, and the majority of possible outcomes fall under "amusing" for her.

Then again, she's admitted that she hasn't told us everything—we just have to ask the right questions to get the right answers. Reward for initiative, and all.

[But it's at Kaito's question that his smile takes on a dark notch. He was waiting for this. Or rather, if none of them had thought to ask him something along this line, he would've written them off as a lost cause and left them to flail on their own.]

... Your Innkeeper, on the other hand, may be a different story. Before I answer that, let me ask you this: what exactly do you hope to achieve?

Do you want to prevent any more deaths, or do you want to send as many people possible back home, safe and sound?
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Both. [ he glances at kaito. ] We think that the dead are... somewhere. I think I actually have a good idea of where, to be honest, but I can't exactly prove that at the moment.

[ he redirects his attention back to girge. ]

When Kaito asked Craftly about it, he was told that where the dead currently are, they're going through something quite horrible, and that there are things we are better off not knowing. But...

[ it seems off, somehow. ]
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[Jay answers for him, and he tilts his chin up a little bit. both. that's right. they accepted their role as Hunters to stop this game with as few deaths as possible, and to save those who have already perished]

[so Girge's question makes him a little uneasy]

He also mentioned there is a way to bring them back, but it requires considerable sacrifice. Equivalent exchange. Not a life for a life, exactly, but. . .

[he trails off and shrugs. everything Craftly had said about the dead had been vague so far]

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