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week 4 - wednesday / jay + kaito

[So, uh. That sucked.

Yukina is trying hard to keep some semblance of a poker face together, because she knows if she lets it drop, she'll never get it back. Still, her hands are shaking when they make it back to room 112 from the gardens.]

...what are we going to do?

[It's not good to rush into a decision, but they have to talk about this. Especially with the weekend coming up.]
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[as soon as they're back in the room, Kaito whirls on his feet and punches the wall]

Damn it!

[his head is bowed, bangs shading his eyes, shoulders shaking. what is having a poker face right now!!]
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[ jay is very quiet, not flinching at kaito's violent reaction. it kind of reminds him of how moses or senel would have reacted to news like this, back home, and the thought somehow makes him feel worse about how things go. ]

We're probably going to have to do it. [ he doesn't specify what "it" is, but he figures they'll know. ] Do you remember the portal I mentioned to be inside the mirrors? At this point I'm fairly certain that's where the dead are. I spoke to Andersen and Dipper about it, and...

[ he remembers the drawing dipper made of what it looked like. maybe they're okay there for now, but stuck there forever, probably? no. ]

We can't just damn them here while only sending the rest back home.
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[. . . drops his hand to his side and hunches his shoulders, refusing to look at them. he understands the meaning of Yukina's words, and immediately wants to speak up to refute them. no, Yukina, I can do it-- but the protest dies in his throat when he remembers everything he has to return to back home]

[his mission. Pandora. his goal to find and bring justice to those who killed his father. he's dedicated to this, has been since the very beginning, and he can't just abandon it]

[he can't just abandon Aoko. the thought of never seeing her again causes something to twist unpleasantly in his gut]

We have to-- [he swallows thickly, forces himself to push forward] We have to do it. We have to. . . be the last remaining three. I refuse to leave them behind.

[and finally, he turns to face Yukina, brows furrowed in concern]

Yukina. . . there are others who'd be willing to take the deal if you don't want to.
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[ he also looks at yukina when she makes the offer. he remembers what she had told them before, about how she was someone's prisoner and forced to produce jewels for them. it doesn't seem right, having her to be stuck somewhere else all over gain. ]

You shouldn't have to. You've only recently regained your freedom, correct? It wouldn't be right to have you enter an eternity of servitude that you'll have no way out of.

[ jay has things to consider. all he cares about is to make sure the oresoren and the legacy are safe. he technically doesn't have to be there for that to happen, right? signing the contract assures the latter, but if they end up having to kill everyone else, the incentives for those kills should cover the rest. ]

I'd be willing.
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We all do, Yukina. Including you.

[to deny that would be a lie. pledging oneself to eternal servitude. . . that's a big decision. for all of them]

And yet, I know all three of us would be willing if it'd mean sending everyone else back home alive.

[that's the kind of group they are, after all. Kaito can't help but think, a little bitterly, that they really are the perfect Hunters. a deep exhale, and he slumps against the wall, raking a hand trough his hair]

Our only other option is. . . to take Girge's offer. Let him be one of the final three, let him accept the deal, and then. . . kill him after.
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There is only one little problem with that plan, and it's one we created ourselves. There is no way Light or Kaiba will allow him to live that long.

[ the solution to that problem is an obvious one, and it leaves a sour taste in jay's mouth. allying themselves with the two of them was a good idea as long as they stuck with their original plan of killing the prophets and ending the game early. now, though? not so much.

and even though their intention wasn't to betray them, it's going to have to be from this point forward. ]

I don't think they'd like the change in our plan, and they can always just kill Girge without us since they know his identity.