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week 4 - friday / akira + jay + kaito

[It's bright and early - not even 8:00 yet. The loud, resounding noise of the grandfather clocks haven't yet sounded, but anyone in room 112 who wakes early will note that Yukina isn't there.

They'll also note that there's the sound of someone struggling with the lock from outside.

Huh. Well, that's a wake-up call.

Maybe you guys should check it out?]
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-- who is it!

[it's murder day he isn't opening the door for just anyone]
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[ honestly

yeah kaito has a point. jay isn't moving either. ]
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[ ugh, you fucking losers. Akira's far too used to answering the door by now, unless he is of course taking a shower and completely unaware that it's been tampered with.

Kaito does a better job at waking him up than the fiddling with the knob, and Akira sits up with a yawn. he sees none of the other boys waking up and decides to man up, because what is the worst thing that can happen after his fiasco with the hunting room lodge on Tuesday? remaining silent as he stands, he will go straight to the door and swing it open to catch the culprit.

when it's opened, said culprit will see Akira with a wrapped up wrist on one arm and a literal skeleton's arm in the other, raised up into the air in self-defense. he's ready to fight!!! ]
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[Kaito snaps awake in an instant and, since he probably slept on the couch, he hops to his feet and immediately rushes at her side. he almost trips on the way there, but hey, at least losing his footing brings him to the ground so he can grasp her by the shoulder tightly]

[he isn't wearing his sling, and the injury on his shoulder burns with pain as his arm moves. he can worry about that later]

Yukina! Breathe! Are you okay?
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[ he's also immediately on his feet, but he doesn't move towards them since akira and kaito are already with her.

she said "killed," didn't she? it's friday, so that isn't too surprising, but her reaction is... more than a little concerning. ]

Close the door and get her to sit on the bed.
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[ oh, what the heckie. Akira's literal seconds away from bopping Yukina in the face with an old, busted up arm when he realizes just who it is. she's not looking too great, either, and that's after seeing her for the first time with all of her burn wounds.

he doesn't wait for Jay to speak in order to close the door, and he sure does notice how quick Kaito is jumping to help Yukina after appearing so ~~~tired~~~ beforehand. how Suspect. no mention of that is made as his main focus is on her, and he too is reaches forward to grab her by the. other shoulder. carefully putting aside his skeleton arm of course. talk about getting all of the attention. ]

Let's be sure to remain quiet. People will be waking soon. Come sit down, Yukina-san.

[ if "killed" means exactly what they know the word to be, they need to make sure she doesn't incriminate herself further without a proper explanation. ]
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[Kaito wastes no time in helping Akira lead Yukina to the bed, ignoring the way his injury screams at him to take a chill pill already]

[when those words leave her mouth, his blood runs cold, and everything seems to freeze around him]


[he immediately seeks out Jay, eyes narrowing, because they both probably know what this means. and suddenly, he sort of wishes Akira was taking one of his badly timed showers so he could feel comfortable asking the one question that none of them want the answer to: who]
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[ it's probably telling that one of jay's immediate thoughts is, well, now we have to kill akira, but he brushes it aside.

like kaito, jay doesn't want to be doing this with akira in the room. but they have to now, and even more, they are most likely going to have to explain everything to him. it's the only way to stop him from immediately telling the others what happened here. ]

Yukina, I know this is difficult right now for you, but we need you to explain to us what exactly happened.
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and besides, he's given Yukina his jacket in the past and trusts her. they've checked up on each other countless times after trials, and relentless flirting aside, he has a soft spot for the young lady. to see her physically hurt is one thing, but mentally? that's even worse.

Akira's face is completely still, assessing the situation second by second, acknowledging that there is a newfound tension that isn't just from Yukina's admittance. that too is a tough pill to swallow, and he slowly squats down so that he is more eye-level with her as she loses her train of thought within her hands. Jay's asked the question for him, so he will instead glance his way. ]

Whatever she ends up telling us... I hope we all understand the weight we'll carry once the trial comes.

[ oh, if only this poor boy knew. ]
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[. . . tears. . .]

[Kaito swallows a lump in his throat as his gaze flickers from Jay back to Yukina. she's crying. she's crying, and that only adds to the gravity of the situation. he's never seen her cry, not once, even though they have been through so much that would have easily drawn tears from weaker-willed individuals]

[it's jarring. it feels like someone stabbed him in the chest earlier on in the week, and is deciding to twist the knife in deeper today]

[that feeling is selfish, he reminds himself. after all, Yukina is the one hurting. Yukina is the one who needs them to be strong right now. he settles his hand on her shoulder, idly pushing back a few strands of her hair as he does so]

. . . who, Yukina? And. . . why was it for the best?
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[ kaito asked the only questions that really matter at the moment, and the reminder of what tears mean to yukina's people is almost suffocating. he doesn't want to move from his spot, doesn't want to crowd them, but his feet still move closer until he's sitting down next to her on the bed.

jay doesn't reach out to touch her, but he still keeps close, looking between her and kaito with the occasional glance towards akira, wondering what he thinks of all this. ]

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[ there's no real need to pile on questions at this point. Yukina cries and, like Kaito, he has never once seen her shed tears. not when she was found with such terrible wounds, not when yet another person was found dead or sent for execution. Akira has no doubt she has actually killed someone at this point, but he doesn't dare prod her any further than they need to.

he notices the glances Jay has made towards him and gives an inquisitive glance back. why bother looking at him right now? that's what Akira is thinking to himself while waiting for Yukina to answer. he wants to point out the weird feeling he is getting about this, something completely different than the fact that their female friend has ended someone's life.

not yet, though. the skeleton arm is lowered to the floor while he reaches forward, carefully placing a hand onto her wrist. ]

It's going to be okay.

[ none of them truly believe that at this point, but it has to be said. ]
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[his mind is racing a mile a minute-- was Ryou a Prophet? did he go after her? is that why she killed him? did her role come into play? or was it something else-- but what he gets stuck on is what she says next. I can't let someone else get blamed for what I did]

[but. . .]

[she can't confess. she can't be executed this weekend. they need her, she's a vital part to their plan, and he wants to tell her that. but doing so while she's still in tears seems insensitive.]

[he wraps an arm around her shoulders, leans into her in an awkward half-hug, and doesn't say anything]
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[ jay's mind is having similar thoughts. there is no way they can have yukina confess to that crime. if she gets caught during trial and has no other choice to, that's one thing, jay can understand that. but there's always the chance that there was more than one person killed tonight and they can use that to their advantage here if it's the case.

he knows that the way they're reacting to this must seem off. maybe they should act more shocked, more uncertain, in order to attempt to fool akira, but... no they are definitely going to have to tell him something that'll make sure he doesn't, at the very least, rat yukina out the second the trial begins. ]

You said he begged you to do it. Yukina, we need you to explain as clearly as you are able what had happened.
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Akira's mindset is nowhere near as centered around roles and their purpose here in Yuggoth. he just doesn't want Yukina to be killed for doing something any of them could have done considering the circumstances. helping ease another's pain and suffering is the humane thing to do, and yet, she would still be considered the guilty party. quite the conundrum they have on their hands, and an ethical one at that.

Yukina's mild freakout towards him touching her has him reeling back just a bit, but he steels himself, knowing such a reaction should have been expected. Kaito hopefully calms her somewhat with the hug, and you know what. Akira will lean in and give her a bit of a hug as well.

Jay, do you want in on this, buddy? no? are you still planning on killing him right now? ]

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[he doesn't let go, not even when Akira (and maybe Jay) both lean in to join this hug. but he does try to be gentle, mindful of her injuries. he doesn't want to make them worse]

. . . he asked you to carry an extremely large burden for him, Yukina.

[a breath]

You're brave. One of the bravest people here.

Take all the time you need to be okay, all right?
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[ okay fine jay joins in!! ]

You are. It may not feel like it, but that was a mercy. If you hadn't done it, then someone else may have targeted him because he would be an easy kill. And do you think they would have been as gentle?