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week 2 - tuesday / jay + kaito

[Between everything that's happened today - including her little mishap with Dipper, which has left her with a nasty bruise which is thankfully hidden under her clothing, so maybe she can keep it hidden - she doesn't have enough time to seek Kaito and Jay out right away.

By the time she does, it's quite a bit later than she'd imagined speaking with them, but it'll do. They end up in Jay's room, since... well...

It's not like anyone is going to walk in on them.

Yukina takes a breath and gets straight to the point once the door has closed behind them.]

...Kaiba-san is the Psychologist. I found out today, when I met with him and Light-san.
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Is he?

[ he goes to tap his chin thoughtfully, but then pauses because it's the side where he had previously yanked his tooth out. instead he drops his hand back to his side. even though it's grown back by now, he's still hyper-aware of the spot. ]

Was he the only one who gave his role?
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[by now the headache has faded (mostly), and Kaito leans against a wall with his arms crossed as he listens to Yukina]

[Jay asked the question that was on his mind, so he stays quiet for now]
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We were planning on checking Kaiba at the next meeting, correct? We can easily find out if he's telling the truth or not then, since that role is one of the safer ones to claim compared to others.

[ he definitely has an advantage over them for not having to deal with the night terrors, but you can't exactly kill someone using that skill. ]
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[he nods]

Yeah. To everyone else, anyway.

[let him explain]

But to us, being immune to the night terrors sounds like a skill that would go with being a Prophet.

[he says that casually, although he knows how serious the implications of his words are]
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You can't take kindness as a guarantee of someone's intentions, Yukina. It's not that difficult to fake caring for someone.

[ it stands true for anyone they talk to, outside of this group. ]

I hope Light doesn't end up telling him too much.

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[a quiet nod]

Let's just make sure we check him next week. If he's not a Prophet, that'll put our doubts to ease.
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We'll make sure to keep an eye on him until Monday.

[ the thought that they might have found a prophet so early seems a little too hopeful for him, but you never know. ]

... I have something to say too, while we're all here. I spoke to Omega not very long ago. She told me that Anderson knew a place where he could overhear a murder plot.
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[tilts his head up, immediately interested in what Jay has to say]

-- d'you think that's where he and Jake might've disappeared to?
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I don't know. Anderson didn't tell Omega when he was planning on doing that, so we're not completely certain that their disappearance is related to that.

[ like yukina, he really wants to believe they're okay. but after what they witnessed last weekend he doesn't want to get disappointed. ]

Even if there is no correlation, it still brings up a point of interest. How would Anderson have obtained that information in the first place?
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[shoots Yukina a sympathetic look, because really, he wants them to be okay, too]

Maybe it has something to do with his role? Although when we talked about it, he told me his was useless.
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[ he is just gonna echo yukina's meta text ]

He could have lied to Kaito, as well. I'm sure most people would like to claim their role is useless. It shines the spotlight elsewhere.
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[both of those are valid options]

It's true. I've been telling everyone else the same thing, after all. And those with useful roles have every reason to lie about them.
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Even if he doesn't tell us his role, if he can confirm that he somehow knew where to eavesdrop, that might help us a lot.
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[thank god his Conan replacement wasn't killed!!]

I've supposedly got an alliance with him, so if. . . he comes back, I'll try'n needle some information out of him.

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We'll do what we can. I think the chances of us succeeding immediately aren't that high, if I'm being honest.

[ there's just too many people for them to keep an eye on right out the gate. ]
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[as much as he hates to admit to it. . .]

With thirty-seven people for us to keep an eye on? Yeah. You're right.
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It really isn't a problem, Yukina. Please feel free to find me whenever you need me.
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[gives her a thumbs up]

Same for me, honestly. I'll always make time for you two.