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week 3 - tuesday / jay + kaito

[Yukina wakes the next morning feeling more paranoid and anxious than the night before - and she's not sure if it's because of what she learned on Monday, or just a natural consequence of the week progressing. Only time will tell.

The first thing she does is seek out Jay and Kaito, since there was no time to catch up with them before curfew last night. Once they're all in one place - ]

I talked to Light-san after he and I were finished with Kaiba-san. It's as we thought... he was trying to learn about his power.

[She hesitates.]

But... he had to choose how to use it again before he saw what happened to Akane-san. He said he thought the first time, something might have gone wrong... so he's lowered another person's GPA.
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Why. Even if he had to choose to use it again before knowing what happened to Akane, he at least should know that lowering it is bad.
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Did he at least tell you who he chose? Although... if it's anything like what happened last week, I'm sure we'll find out.

[ god!!! ]

Do you know why he thinks something went wrong? Or how he's choosing people for it?
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[maybe it's the paranoia tugging at his brain, or maybe it's the fact that he hasn't trusted Light since seeing his reaction to his index card. Kaito shakes his head]

. . . don't take him at face value, Yukina. There's a high chance he's lying.

[maybe she knows that, and is planning on siding with Light to betray them-- no. stop that, Kaito]

You didn't tell him how you knew he was the Teacher, did you?
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Yukina doesn't strike me as stupid, so I doubt she'd tell him that.

[ he glances at her for to confirm. he doesn't think she would do that, especially without talking to them first, but he knows that everyone is on edge this week so he wouldn't be surprised if one of them made a stupid mistake fueled by paranoia.

if it turns out he's wrong then he's probably going to go drown himself in the pool or something. ]
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[Kaito bristles a bit as well, turning to give Jay a narrowed look]

I'm not saying she's stupid, I'm just asking if--

[-- ah]

[he cuts himself off when he realizes that his question probably made it sound like he didn't have any faith in Yukina whatsoever. he immediately withdraws, gaze turning away from them both as he curses lightly and rakes a hand through his hair]

. . . no. That's not what I. . . [tch] . . . sorry, Yukina.

I trust you.

[he trusts her. saying it over and over again may help him block out those invasive thoughts that suggest otherwise]
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[ he looks at them both, studying them. jay was raised in an environment where he had to spend every moment suspicious of other people's intentions, so this nagging feeling that someone is going to put a knife in his back isn't unfamiliar. it's probably way he has an easier time of ignoring it than they do, because he has years and years of practice at doing just that.

it's times like these where it really becomes apparent that even though they're working together, they really don't know much about each other. ]

Now hug and make up. [ or not. he moves on. ] Was Kaiba with you when this conversation happened? You said you were meeting with the both of them.
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S'not your fault, believe me.


[but the slight movement of her arms doesn't escape his notice, and his eyes flicker between her and Jay. it occurs to him too, in that moment, that despite their alliance they really are just. . . strangers]

[with a breath, he steels himself. Kaito isn't one for physical affection (PERSONAL SPACE), but he steps forward and wraps his arms around Yukina nonetheless. look they're hugging and making up now!!]

Y'know, we really need to hang out sometime. Just the three of us. No business, just card or board games or something fun to get our minds off of all this crap.
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[ jay was not actually expecting a hug to occur, and when kaito hugs yukina, he just covers his face in his hands. is he embarrassed by them? is he trying not to laugh? it's probably both.

slowly, he lifts his head to look at the two of them again. ]

It may be nice to have a break. Preferably next week.

[ look, whatever next week's night terror is, as long as it doesn't have them pointing fingers at each other like this then whatever. they can do board games. ]
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[GROUP HUG. . . Kaito can't help but laugh at how cheesy this all is, but you know what? if it helps them ignore that stupid voice that keeps setting them on edge this week, then whatever!1]

And we could all use some fun around here, huh? Next week sounds perfect.
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[ oh my god!!!

he definitely hesitates, but this seems to be working to take some of the edge off, so jay will..... return the awkward hug... ]

Great. [ HE LOOKS SO EMBARRASSED ] It's a plan.
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[okay this is getting too lovey dovey for him]

[pulls away!! a bit awkwardly, of course, and lifts a hand to rub his nose. gosh. it's always so. . . weird to be invited into someone's personal bubble like that. hugs are weird. affection is weird?? this is weird]

Right. Does anyone have anything else to say while we're still here?

[but at least he seems to be in a much better mood, now]
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[ he looks over at yukina, since she's the one who gathered them all here.

also look the only people jay is used to hugging are his goddamn otter pals and the most affectionate member of his tales party. he also doesn't know how to do this. ]
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Okay. Then until next time, yeah? I'll ask Craftly for a board game for next week, too.

[and the smile he gives them is genuine]
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[ he nods his head. ]

Alright. See you two later.